United Nations Youth Associations Network (UNYANET)

In August 2011, youth representatives of the national United Nations Youth Associations (UNYAs) from Austria, Finland, Germany, Norway, Romania and Switzerland, as well as representatives of the United Nations Youth Sections (UNA Youth Sections) from Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain and Turkey met at the United Nations Office in Vienna to establish the United Nations Youth Associations Network (UNYANET), an international platform for UN Youth Associations and Sections worldwide.

UNYANET has the aim to facilitate the development of projects, the exchange of knowledge, resources and experience and the development of a common identity among member associations. There are regular meetings between UNYANET members (often online) and several working groups. Furthermore, UNYANET strengthens cooperation between its member associations, the United Nations and other international organizations, institutions and supporters by providing a common contact point. Another important aim is to provide assistance to groups willing to establish a UN Youth Association or to carry out a UN-related youth project in their country.

At the moment, UNYANET has 11 member associations, with altogether 57 local branches and approximately 14000 individual members. UNYANET currently assists in the establishment of 4 other UNYAs, working together with the United Nations Information Service Vienna (UNIS Vienna).

In November 2011, JUNES organized a Media Workshop in close collaboration with UNYANET and with financial support from Youth in Action Switzerland. On the last November weekend, participants from almost every UNYANET member country came to Zurich and Basel to learn more about successful media work. Experts, working at the United Nations in Geneva, the European Parliament or for a NGO shared their profound experience. A visit to the Tamedia group headquarter in Zurich and diverse social events completed the program.

More about UNYANET and the different projects: unyanet.org