The Secretariat reduced the CO2emissions of the conference by cutting down on the amount of printing, by offering vegetarian food, by using reusable dishes and by informing the delegates about sustainable consumption. On top of that, for the first time we decided to compensate the remaining CO2 emissions that we’ve produced during the conference on the 5th / 6thof October 2013 in Berne. offers us to do this by investing our compensation in climate protection projects in developing countries. This has not be a once in a lifetime action, but from now on every MUN conference in Switzerland should compensate their emissions. Therefore we will do our best to make this a standard procedure because climate change and the finitude of our natural resources concern each and every one of us. The Secretariat acknowledges its duty to contribute to these biggest challenges of our lifetimes.

myclimate – The climate protection partnership


The non-profit foundation myclimate – The Climate Protection Partnership, is an international initiative with Swiss origins. Founded in 2002 as an ETH Zurich spinoff, myclimate is among the world leaders when it comes to voluntary carbon offsetting measures. Clients-based and market-orientated, myclimate offers a comprehensive package of services for offsetting in accordance with the principles of “avoid – reduce – offset” and “do the best and offset the rest”.
Complementary to the offsetting services myclimate offers consultancy for companies. myclimate provides the foundations for making sustainable decisions in the area of Carbon Management Services which consists of three services: Carbon Foot printing, GHG Data Management and Communication.
In terms of avoiding carbon missions myclimate enhances knowledge surrounding climate change and climate protection. It also aims to encourage people to act in their very day lives.
To implement climate protection measures as effectively and efficiently as possible, myclimate has established an international network of project partners and representatives who act on behalf of myclimate in their countries.