Conference on Human Rights October 6, 2013 .

The topic of the conference was: Elimination and prevention of all forms of violence and discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.
During the debate two distinct blocks formed, one with the Western countries and the other one still criminalizing homosexuality.

The countries supporter of the Western moral affirmed that the category of LGBT people should not be in any way discriminated, because having a different sexual orientation than the heterosexual one cannot be an argument for denying Human Rights. In addition to the position that Human Rights must be guaranteed to all humans as such, this statement is also based on scientific studies, which prove that these people are physically, emotionally and psychologically identical to the heterosexual majority.
So since LGBT people are like any human being and do not present any differences except sexual orientation, which re-enters in the private sphere of each one, and which in no way damages those who are around them, Human Rights must be guaranteed and undeniable to them.

The response of the countries which support the Islamic morality, based on Sharia was crude and conservative .

These countries assert that homosexuality is against all morals and also counter the natural course of life because a sexual act is basically aimed at the conception of a child and this can only occur in a heterosexual relationship.
Based on these thoughts, according to the Islamic countries the sexual act between two people of the same sex shall be punished, as determined by their laws.
After 3 committee sessions in which Western countries have tried to persuade those Muslims to open to dialogue and mitigate their views, the latter continue to clinch their initial position.

By Margarita Timofejeva