The JUNESMUN organisation committee is looking for delegates for JUNESMUN 2013, taking place on 23th and 24th February in Fribourg. If interested, please fill out the application form enclosed and sent it to until 4th January.


  1. Security Council: The situation of refugees in the Syrian conflict
  2. Commission on the status of Women: Ensure the safety and respect on Women after the Arab spring
  3. Special Political and Decolonization Committee: The future of East Timor after the popular referendum in August 1999 (as if September 1999 – Historical simulation!)
  4. United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees: Insurance of sustainable livelihood for internally displaced people
  5. Disarmament and International Security: Strengthening protection mandates through reforming the international intervention and peacekeeping operation.


  • 04.01.2013 : application deadline
  • 14.01.2013 : assignment of the countries and reception of the Background Guide
  • 10.02.2013 : submission of the position papers to the chairs
  • 17.02.2013 : reception of the final versions of the position papers
  • 22.02.2013 : Chair Workshop in Fribourg
  • 23.02.2013 : JunesMUN

Chair Workshop

Please note that everyone can attend the Chair Workshop. However, the night and the dinner of Friday have to be paid by each participant. By consequence, please tell us if you need an accommodation on Friday night (CHF 35 per person).