Dear members.
On December the 14th 2012 Junes organizes the fourth edition of ISYFUN (Intra-Swiss Youth Forum United Nations).

What is ISYFUN 2012?

ISYFUN 2012 is an event organized by JUNES held in Geneva. Though a one-day program participants get to explore two of the main actors on the international humanitarian aid scene.

The program contains a visit to the headquarters of the International Red Cross and the World Health Organization and a presentation of the organizations activities and commitments at the headquartered in Geneva. During ISYFUN the participants will receive an inside point of view on these global-impact organizations as well as a chance to learn about humanitarian work in general.

If you think about entering the field of humanitarian aid or just want to know more about the topic, ISYFUN 2012 is the perfect opportunity!


When? December, 14th 2012, from 10am until 17pm
Where? Geneva, Switzerland
Registrations at:, until November, 30th!
Please indicate: First name, last name, MUN Team (if any), and field of study.

We look forward to meeting you at ISYFUN 2012!