The JUNESMUN organizational committee is looking for Chairs for JUNESMUN 2013, taking place on 23th and 24th February in Fribourg. If interested, please fill out the application form enclosed and send it, along with your cv, to info[at] Registrations close on November, 23rd 2012.


United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
African Union
Special Political and Decolonizational Committee (historical simulation)
Disarmament and Security Committee
Commission on the Status of Women

Chairs are requested to provide their Delegates with a background guide (deadlines see below).

Chair preparation:

On 22nd February 2013 in the evening, there is a Chair Workshop in Fribourg. It is
compulsory for all Chairs to attend this workshop, independently from their level of

Also, there will be an online formation at the beginning of January, this is compulsory as
well. It is a questionnaire about the Rules of Procedure.


  • 23.11.12: application deadline for Chairs (application deadline for Delegates is 04.01.13),
    topics are chosen.
  • 01.12.12: a) Chairs are elected, committee assignments are completed; b) Chairs receive the
    guidelines for the Background Guide.
  • 23.12.12: Chairs submit a list of countries for their Committee (ca. 25-30 countries,
    depending on the Committee).
  • 07.01.13: a) Chairs submit the Background Guide; b) Chairs receive the Rules of Procedure
  • 14.01.13: Participants receive the country and the Background Guide.
  • 10.02.13: a) Participants submit the position paper for control; b) Chairs submit the Rules of
    Procedure questionnaire.
  • 17.02.13: The final versions of position papers are submitted to the participants.
  • 22.02.13: Chair Workshop in Fribourg.
  • 23.02.13: Beginning of JUNESMUN 2013.

Chair Workshop for everyone:

Please note that it is possible to attend the Chair Workshop without being Chair at
JUNESMUN 2013, if you are interested in a Chair formation for other purposes. If you
would like to profit from this possibility, please write an e-mail to info[at]

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