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    The Intercultural Study Project 2014 is launched !

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    This year’s ISP will focus on Global Security Policy more specifically the Responsibility to Protect doctine vs. State Sovereignty rooted in the case of Serbia and Kosovo. On Saturday 15th of February the Intercultural Study Project 2014 was launched at the Welcome Meeting for all interested participants in Bern. We are happy to say that it was a great success!

    Throughout the 1990ies, the international community repeatedly faced grave difficulties handling humanitarian crises such as the ones in Somalia (1993), Rwanda (1994) or Bosnia (1995). In 1999, the NATO intervened in Kosovo to „avoid a second Rwanda“. This raised the question of how the international community should respond to interventions by a state, or a group of states, using military force to alleviate human suffering without explicit authorization by the UN-Security Council. The UN-Security Council at that time was unprepared to unilaterally legitimize the NATO’s use of force – but it didn’t sanction it either. In response to the situation, the International Commission on Intervention and State Sovereignty (ICISS) developed a doctrine called Responsibility to Protect (R2P) stating the following: “Sovreign states have the responsibility to protect their own citizens from avoidable catastrophe – from mass murder and rape, from starvation – but when they are unwilling or unable to do so, that responsibility must be borne by the broader community of states”.

    It is the aim of the ISP to help get a nuanced insight and understanding of Global Security Policy in a short mid- and long-term perspective, through two preperatory workshops in Switzerland preparing delegates for a Study Trip to Serbia and Kosovo in the Summer 2014.

    This year, the ISP is co-organized with the Association UNA-Switzerland.

    For more information, please see the ISP’14 Web page

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    Oh D’Alta:So lovely, such diefnreft Junes from mine. I kept wishing that I had a June person, but I don’t. Apparently, you got them all. Imagine, all that summer passion from a June. *swoon* And you got what I was going for: June is filled with passion and disappointment, hope and fear, the highest highs and the lowest lows. Thank you for sharing these intimacies with me.