Registrations for JunesMUN 2015 in Lausanne are open!

The application is a two-step process. First, please fill out the corresponding form. In a second step, please pay the conference fee. You find our bank details below. Once you have paid, it will take a few days for us to send you a confirmation of your application.

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Are you considering applying for JunesMUN 2015 but unsure whether you qualify?
For Delegates: You do not have to have previous MUN experience. JunesMUN is a training event organized annually by JUNES to help you get to know the world of multilateral diplomacy. It is not necessary that you are a university student either; JunesMUN 2015 offers one committee exclusively for high school students.
For a chairing position: JunesMUN 2015 offers a variety of topics and committees for different levels. So whether you are craving to chair for the first time of your life or that you are a professional chair, we are looking forward to receiving your application.

JunesMUN Terms of Agreement and Data Policy

Art. 1
Google Data Policy applies for the data you fill in the form. Junes will not share the data with anyone, unless forced to do so by the relevant authorities.
Art. 2
By filling out the form and paying the conference fee, the applicant (henceforth “you”) are not guaranteed a spot in the conference. Of course, Junes (henceforth “we”) will make everything humanly possible to get you on board.
Art. 3
It is a requirement that you pay the conference fee. Should this not happen in due time, we may exclude you from your participation at JunesMUN 2015.
Art. 4
Should something illegal or hurtful happen during the conference with a participant as a perpetrator, we as an association deny all responsibility and reserve the right to act according to the severity of the misdemeanor.


If you want to apply as a DELEGATE please fill out this form until Monday, 5th January 2015, 11.59 PM !

Please pay the conference fee (100CHF with accommodation / 60CHF without) after filling out the form to:

PostFinance AG
Rennweg 35
8001 Zurich
Account # : 14-973645-0
IBAN: CH58 0900 0000 1497 3645 0
Beneficiaries: P. Cosandey et Leah Bonga