Here you can find the schedule and the application link

Opening Ceremony
To get you in the right mood and to create a productive atmosphere at the Conference, the Opening Ceremony will be held in the City Hall of Bern, one of the politically and historically most significant buildings of Switzerland. It will start at 11:00am on February 17th and we’re expecting some amazing guest speakers.

Federal Palace Tour
We’ve organized free of charges, private tours of the Federal Palace of Switzerland. If you want to join, please check the box in the application.

The tours start on Friday at 15:50, make sure to be there on time. With the security check the tours will take approximately 1 hour. Unfortunately, there are only 100 places, the allotment works on a first applied first served basis.

Committee Session
The Sessions are held at the University of Bern. In the application, you can choose three different Committees and order them by preference. After your successful application, you will be assigned to a Committee and receive further information. The following Committees and Topics will be represented:

Committee Topic
GA The infringement on freedom of speech by the growing trend of media censorship
SECURITY COUNCIL Territorial disputes in the South China Sea
FAO Genetically modified crops in developing countries: prospects and risks
DISEC Cyber security and protection against cyber warfare
UNHCR Climate refugees and environmental migration
UNDOC International cooperation in preventing human trafficking
ECOFIN Digital revolution in the economy: opportunities and challenges ahead

Social Events
On Friday evening, there will be a Delegate Mixer right after the Committee Sessions. Have some snacks and drinks and get to know your fellow delegates in a relaxed environment. On Saturday, we have the JUENSMUN17 Party planed. For this, a private venue is booked with music and a bar. Entrance is strictly for JUENSMUN17 Delegate and invited guests only. Please understand that we cannot allow minors at this event.

Delegate Fee
The Delegate Fee is CHF 65.-  and must be paid until the 15th of December. This Fee includes the Opening and Closing Ceremony, the guided tour of the Federal Palace, all the Social Events and Apéro, two lunches and the formal sessions of the Conference. After a successful application, you’ll receive a response with confirmation and payment information. If payment is not made on time, your application becomes invalid and all reservations are canceled.

If you need a place to sleep during your visit in Bern, we have an arrangement with a partner hotel. The IBIS Budget Hotel is located next to the tram station “Guisanplatz Expo”, from where it only takes 10 minutes to get to the city center and less than 20 minutes to reach the Conference venue.

You’ll share a room with two other delegates. If you are already a group of three people and want to stay together, please fill out the corresponding option in the application form. If you are not exactly 3, we will assign you to a room. We will do our best to keep the rooms separated by gender. If you have strong objections to sharing a room with delegates of the opposite gender, please check the box in the application.

The costs for both nights together are 25 CHF and will be charged with your Delegate Fee. The hotel is limited to 70 places, it’s first applied first served. However, since we pay a part of the costs for each delegate staying at the hotel, we ask you to understand that the Hotel Fee cannot be refunded.

We’ll provide several Registration desks. One will be located at the Conference venue and another one will be at the Hotel IBIS. You will need to bring an ID or Passport. Further information will be communicated to you prior to the Conference.

Closing Ceremony
The Closing Ceremony will be held at the Conference venue. We will provide you with a summary of the Conference, the Award Ceremony and an outlook on the future. Each Committee will select two Best Delegates, one chosen by the Chairs and one by the fellow Delegates of the Committee.