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    JUNES Newsletter #4 June 2014

    Summer has arrived and for many this means studying for finals followed by a long awaited summer holiday. For JUNES summer equals the Intercultural Study Project, this years edition evolves around Security Policy, State Sovereignty vs. Responsibility to Project doctrine. Have a look beneath for more info ! 

    Summer also means transition of the presidencies and boards in all MUN Associations. In September the election of a brand new JUNES Presidency is on the agenda. Do you have an novice leader in you ? We would be pleased to hear from you as the grooming of potential candidates has now begun !


In this edition we summarize the main activities for the Summer 2014, providing you with key dates and information about all upcoming events. 

    With these words we hope you will enjoy the newsletter
    and wish you all a truly excellent summer !

    // Editor & Friends…

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