JUNESMUN 2016 will be held in ... ?

Are you and your MUN Team up for the ultimate challenge? Are you an expert in MUN and does your MUN Team have the capacity to organize the prestigious Swiss National MUN Conference 2016 ?

The privilege to host and organize the National Swiss MUN Conference 2016 is an extraordinary opportunity for you and your team to challenge your organizational skills, your MUN competences and brand your MUN Society on a national scale.

Procedure leading to mandate:
The winner with the best concept will be elected by the Board and be rewarded with the mandate and funds from JUNES to organize JunesMUN 2016! See beneath for instructions and further information.

Application Process

Step 1: Application form
The Application must state:
1. Name(s) of Association(s)
2. Contact details of main responsible(s)

Step 2: Concept Proposal
The Concept Letter must pitch your proposed concept for JunesMUN 2016 on max. 2 pages. It must include your suggestion for theme, committees, conference venue, social events, transportation & logistics, possible funding etc. Your concept letter should only reflect your ambitions for JunesMUN 2016.

Bonus info: Funds provided by JUNES & fundraising
JUNES will reward the mandated MUN Team with CHF 4000 to organize the conference. The mandated MUN Team will, along with the mandate to host JunesMUN 2016 get the right to fundraise for the conference in the name of JUNES.

Application Deadline
Applications must be submitted before 20th of July 2015 to info@junes.org !