International Study Project to Rome - 2016


Food and water repartition – Discovering the Food and Agriculture Organization

For the fourth year in a row, JUNES organizes an International Study Project. This year, the theme will be “Food & water repartition”. Our Study Project is structured in two parts: first a workshop for the participants with a guest speaker to get a better idea about the subject, then a trip to Rome.
We all heard about the Expo in Milan last year, whose theme was Feeding the planet, Energy for life. This study trip’s objectives aims at providing students an insight into the stakes about the access to food and water, the most basic human right.


The International Study Project 2016 offers students the opportunity to visit the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the International Fund for Agriculture Development (IFAD) and the International Development Law Organization (IDLO). The project aims at providing students with an insight into the economical, political and social background of this mission and into the complexity of the current situation with food and water repartition. In addition, students will be able to gain a thorough understanding of past and existing challenges with the help of a previous workshop with an expert of this year’s theme.

With a five nights’ trip that will take place from August 29th until September 3rd in Rome, we’ll visit the Food and Agriculture Organization and have another workshop with a guest speaker linked to the FAO. Thus, we would like to open a discussion between the participants and the expert, in order to share and to confront facts and ideas, to share knowledge and energy to solve a difficult subjet that concerns a considerable amount of humans. Moreover, we want the students to understand how the FAO works as well as how approaching change in an UN organism.

Besides the FAO, the International Fund for the Agriculture Development is another organization we will visit. We aim to open perspectives for the participants on how to invest cleverly in the agriculture in order to fight world’s hunger and poverty.

This year’s study trip’s registrations are open for the very special price of only 180CHF. Apply now!


The previous workshop will be hold in Geneva on August 26th. The participants’ presence is mandatory. By attending this workshop, the participants acquire the fundamentals. Then, the tripp will be hold from August 29th until September 3rd. During our field trip to Rome, the participants will have several chances to obtain a deeper understanding of the different dynamics of the challenge about food & water repartition, without of course forgetting the incredible monuments’ Rome has to offer: the Colosseum, whose visit is included in the price, the Vatican and its Sistine Chapel, the Mouth of the Truth, the Trevi Fountain, the National Roman Museum, the San Lorenzo neighborhood…

Do you want to be a part of our Team? Apply now!

Are you interested in participating in this intercultural project, in gaining firsthand experience in organizing a project in the realms of international relations and delve into the challenges of an ongoing global challenge? Then apply now and be part of our delegation!
The ISP 2016 is directed to students who are preferably part of a Model United Nations Club in Switzerland and willing to contribute to an enriching, exciting and eventful project. In case you are not yet part of Model United Nations Team but enrolled at a Swiss university, please do not hesitate to send us your application anyways. Above all, we search motivated students who have an interest in the work of the FAO.

Apply now! Send us your CV to discover Rome in an exclusive trip, to enjoy Italian hospitality and culture as well as taking part in this valuable project about food repartition! Download here the official invitation.

Registration is open until June 6th 2016 . You only need to send your applicationFAO Buildings to




This workshop will be hold in Geneva on August 26th. More informations to come.