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    Building Blocks of Peace: Cyprus and beyond

    What makes peace, today and tomorrow?

    Presenting a high-level panel discussion on the functions performed by UN peacekeeping missions, the challenges of modern peacebuilding, and the constituents of successful conflict resolution. Including an apéro riche after the discussion, and a meet & greet with our participating experts, who will be revealed soon.

    Join the ISP 15 for its final and public event, Building Blocks of Peace, and stay tuned for updates!

    For any questions, contact us on Facebook or email us at isp.cyprus@gmail.org


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    JUNES board meeting

    Dear JUNES board members,

    Once again we would like to invite you to our next JUNES Board Meeting, which is taking place in Bern on Sunday, 22. November from 14.00 in the room 323, Parkterrasse 14, University of Bern.



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    JUNES GA 2.0 on Sunday, 25th of October 2015

    We would like to invite you to the next JUNES meeting / GA 2.0, which is going to take place on SUNDAY, 25th of October 2015 at the University of Lausanne starting from 14h00.

    At this meeting we will first elect a new JUNES Board; there are still positions open for Vice-Presidency, Treasurer, Reviser and Webmaster. The application deadline is extended until end of next week. More information here : http://junes.org/about/presidency/

    Please note that this meeting is also an opportunity for the clubs to mingle and get to know each other i.e. share ideas and best practices. Not only JUNES reps, but the whole MUN Boards and Members are invited!


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    ISP’14 Final Session: Internationaler Interventionismus in der Krise – und nun ?

    JUNES and GSUN have the distinct pleasure to invite you to the Final Session of the Intercultural Study Project (ISP) 2014.

    Besides the Panel discussion on international interventionism, featuring distinguished participants, the ISP’14 Participants will present our project to you!

    Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about our study trip to Serbia and Kosovo and meet your fellow JUNES members from all over Switzerland at the first event of the JUNES term 2014/15 !

    5. November 2014 | 5 novembre 2014

    18h45 | Zentrum Paul Klee – Monument im Fruchtland 3, 3000 Bern

    Internationaler Interventionismus in der Krise – und nun ? Der Kosovokrieg, das Konzept der Schutzverantwortung (R2P), die Rolle der Vereinten Nationen und die Position der Schweiz

    Crise de l’interventionnisme international : et maintenant ? Guerre du Kosovo, concept de la Responsabilité de Protéger (R2P), rôle des Nations Unies et place de la Suisse

    Zweisprachige Podiumsdiskussion (D/F) u.a. mit / Débat bilingue (F/D) avec la participation de :

    > Ambassadeur Jean-Daniel Ruch, Botschafter der Schweiz in Serbien und Montenegro / Ambassadeur de Suisse en Serbie et au Monténégro

    > Ambassadeur Naim Malaj, Botschafter der Republik Kosovo in der Schweiz / Ambassadeur de la République du Kosovo en Suisse

    > Dr. Mauro Mantovani, Dozent für Strategische Studien an der Militärakademie der ETH Zürich / Department Head of Strategic Studies à l’Académie militaire de l’EPF de Zurich

    > Dr. Peter Praxmarer, Spezialist für interkulturelle Kommunikation in Post-Konflikt Situationen, Università della Svizzera italiana / Spécialiste de la communication interculturelle en situations de post-conflit, Università della Svizzera italiana

    Öffentliche Veranstaltung mit anschliessendem Apéro – Freier Eintritt – Anmeldung per Email

    Evénement public suivi d’un apéritif – Entrée libre – Inscription par Email

    Kontakt und Anmeldung / Contact et inscription : Raphaël Bez – raphaelbez@bluewin.ch




  • ISP Flyer

    JUNES Newsletter #4 June 2014

    Summer has arrived and for many this means studying for finals followed by a long awaited summer holiday. For JUNES summer equals the Intercultural Study Project, this years edition evolves around Security Policy, State Sovereignty vs. Responsibility to Project doctrine. Have a look beneath for more info ! 

    Summer also means transition of the presidencies and boards in all MUN Associations. In September the election of a brand new JUNES Presidency is on the agenda. Do you have an novice leader in you ? We would be pleased to hear from you as the grooming of potential candidates has now begun !


In this edition we summarize the main activities for the Summer 2014, providing you with key dates and information about all upcoming events. 

    With these words we hope you will enjoy the newsletter
    and wish you all a truly excellent summer !

    // Editor & Friends…

    Read the online version here