• Apply for JunesMUN 2014!

    We proudly invite you to JunesMUN 2014 in the capital of Switzerland, Bern! The organizing team has put a lot of work and effort into this edition of JunesMUN and we hope to bring you a conference that will not only enhance and challenge your debate skills but also broaden your horizon. Last but not least, it will allow you to meet people from all over Switzerland!


    University of Bern, Schanzeneckstrasse

    Situated in the lovely heart of Switzerland, the University of Bern will be the main location of JunesMUN 2014. The building UniS, an arm’s length from the train station not only contains the committee rooms, but will also be used for our lunch and coffee breaks.



    From Friday 28th of February to Sunday 2nd of March

    For the first time in the history of JUNES we decided to extend the conference to a three-day long event in order to bring you even more debating, resolution writing, caucusing and last but not least loads of socialising!


    For more information and to apply for the conference go to JunesMUN

    Yours Sincerely,
    Robert Arnaud & Jonas Schmid
    Secretary Generals for JunesMUN 2014