Open Position for JUNES Presidency 2017/2018 !

The chief executive officer of the associations. Oversees the drafting and implementation of the projects, oversees the budget, represents the association, prepares and presides over board meetings, negotiates sponsoring contracts, prepares the year report for the GA.

The second in command. Oversees the realisation of projects, convenes and oversees project commissions, coordinates projects, and manages other tasks set out by the board.

Oversees the budget, manages payments and bank accounts, prepares financial reports.

Public Relations Officer
Manages the associations social media and communications.

Prepares board meetings, drafts minutes, assists in internal and external communications, takes minutes, drafts reports based on work prepared by the board.

President and Vice-president

Overview of the mission
The President is responsible for the good functioning of the NGO as a whole, and its effective external representation towards partners and professional entities. He’s also responsible for supervising the overall planning for the NGO during the year.

Key responsibilities
- Forge synergy with member association; organize, prepare & manage monthly board meetings, remain available to assist & supervise member associations, take demand- driven approach to day-to-day decision-making processes & accommodate wishes of members.
- Keep the Board of JUNES informed on current state of actions, progress & difficulties, furthermore assist the Board determine & monitor activities, opportunities & challenges.
- Assist & supervise all mandated project teams, ensure compliance with sub-targets, reporting and evaluation mechanisms.
- Organize the General Assembly and board meetings
- Represent JUNES to stakeholders & partners; Swiss Federal Department of Foreign
Affairs, United Nations Association Switzerland (GSUN), Swiss National Youth Council (CSAJ/SAJV), World Federation of United Nations Associations (WFUNA), United Nations Youth Association Network (UNYANet), United Nations Office in Geneva (UNOG), Mercator Foundation ect.
- Promote and represent JUNES at external events
- Strengthen JUNES as the primary platform for Swiss UN Youth interaction & action.
- Determine and implement overall strategy (short term and long term)

Chief Project Manager

Overview of the mission
The Chief Project Manager is in charge of the supervision of all the projects of JUNES. These projects include: Study Trip, ISYFUN, UN workshop, and others. This list is not exhaustive, the Chief Project Manager is encouraged to create other new projects.

Key responsibilities
- Define opportunities for new projects
- Project conception and initiation
- Recruit and coordinate project managers
- Project definition and planning
- Supervise the progress of the projects
- Project performance and control

Experience in project management is a requirement

Public Relations Director

Overview of the mission
The Public Relations Director is in charge of promoting JUNES in Switzerland and abroad.

Key responsibilities
- Managing the website
- Managing all social networks (Facebook, Twitter)
- Creating flyers and posters
- Send a regular newsletter to our members
- Managing all e-mail addresses and contacts
- Using press and media to promote

Experience in social media, communication and marketing is a plus.

Fundraising Officer

Overview of the mission
Maintain contact with our established sponsors and search actively for new sponsors.

Key responsibilities
- Prepare a fundraising dossier
- Establish a list of prospective sponsors
- Contact and develop long-term relationships with sponsors for JUNES
- Follow-up on the evolution of the sponsorship dossiers
- Insure high visibility of our sponsors

Experience in Fundraising is a plus.


Overview of the mission
The Finance of Fundraising Director is responsible for the financial sustainability of the organization. He/she establishes a budget, balance sheet and profit and losses according to Swiss GAAP RPC 21.

Key responsibilities
- Finance
- Prepare a forecast budget for the yearly mandate
- Follow-up on the expenses of each event and keep the books update
- Keep track of the account inflows and outflows along the year
- Pay all bills
- Report regularly to the presidency, the General Assembly and at the Board meeting
- Prepare the financial statement at the end of the mandate

Knowledge of Swiss accounting rules is a requirement; experience a plus.

The Presidency of 2017/2018

The Presidency of JUNES 2017/2018 is in the hands of President Emile Moorhouse and Vice-President Anna Vyrstyuk with Public Relations Manager Gabriel Fueglistaler

Emile MoorhousePresident
Anna Vyrstyuk Vice-President
Gabriel FueglistalerPublic Relations Manager