Model United Nations

A Model United Nations (or MUN) conference is a simulation of several committees within the system of United Nations bodies and agencies. Every participant represents a particular Member State, International Organisation or NGO, and debates relevant topics of the contemporary international agenda. The goal of a Model United Nations conference is to pass resolutions, final documents containing policy recommendations to serve as an example of good practice for United Nations Member States.
The participants in MUN conferences defend the interests of the country, International Organisation or NGO they represent and promote their ideas. At the same time, they have the heavy task of convincing other States of the pertinence of their position.

A good delegate will have to have an accurate preparation on the topics of his committee and a developed sense of diplomacy while debating, writing legal documents, amending them and voting on them. Also, the respect of the rules of procedure employed to lead the debate is fundamental for the good functioning of the conference.

MUN conferences are both an exciting and constructive way to fully understand the mechanism on which the UN system is based and to feel involved in global diplomacy. It is crucial that, apart from strictly adhering to formal procedures, participants find in this type of conference a chance to develop their personal negotiation and decision-making skills. They should therefore be guided by a strong motivation for diffusing awareness of their causes and beliefs. MUN conferences also represent an opportunity to meet motivated people from around the world, share culture and ideas, socialise and have fun while developing an innovative framework that will forge the international community of tomorrow.