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    The conference Journal from JUNESMUN 2014 feat. exclusive interview with Didier Burkhalter, insights to the Opening Ceremony, HRC, DISEC & UNEP.



    by Ronja Harder.

    The organizing committee has been working hard during the past months to set up a conference that is worthy of taking place in the city of Bern, the heart of Switzerland and the federal capital: even longer, more challenging, with more debates on one hand and more socializing on the other hand than during previous conferences. The Opening Ceremony of the 7th Edition of Junesmun set the stage for a memorable weekend with plenty of opportunities for personal growth. In the wise words of Secretary-General Robert Arnaud: “I challenge you to get out of your shell. If you are nervous to hold speeches in front of people: Make sure you hold one more speech than anyone else in your committee. If you are not good at talking to other people: talk to every single delegate at this conference. I dare you all: Use this opportunity to challenge yourself! I promise, you will not regret it.”

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  1. Vegeko says: November 20, 2015 at 6:48 pmReply

    June is the month of my Grandmother’s birthday, and I relacl a lovely (somewhat warm) June afternoon when we had a garden party to celebrate her and her twin sister’s 90th birthday. She made it to 95, but her sister didn’t. They are both gone now, but June always makes me think of them. PS: I always thought it was funny that their zodiac sign was Gemini the twins!